New version (v10.8) is out , but my patch is not included yet. So I modified it again. You can find the download link at the bottom of this article.


Make Link is a Firefox extension, it lets you copy (or says, make) link in various formats easily via context menu. Then you can paste the link to forum, blog post, Twitter, MSN, and so on. Here is its homepage and Mozilla Add-ons page.

Make Link 是 Firefox 的套件,它可以讓你透過快顯功能表,快速的建立各種格式的連結,或是快速的複製圖片,方便你貼到論壇或部落格裡頭,當然也可以用來貼到噗浪或是 MSN 以及其他的通訊軟體。這是它的 官方首頁 以及 Mozilla Add-ons 頁面,我覺得每個使用 Firefox 瀏覽器的人都應該要安裝這個套件才是。

Make Link is awesome, but I think there are rooms for enhancement. So, here's my modified version.




I changed the UI a little bit to make it looks better, and all the buttons are placed to the right-hand side to be easier to access. Besides, you can double-click on any entry to modify it. The original version lacks of this functionality.




The original version only has "View as HTML entities" option. Enabling this option will convert special characters to HTML entities (ex: convert & to &). And it will also copy content as HTML type, then you can paste what you just copied into WYSIWYG editor directly. But I don't think both of them need to be true at the same time, so I separated them into two options: one is to "Convert special characters to HTML Entities", and the other is to "Copy text as HTML content".

原本的 Make Link 只有「視為 HTML 元素」這個選項,勾選這個選項之後會將複製的文字裡頭的特殊字元轉成 HTML entity(像是把 & 轉成 & 之類),然後也會把複製的內容視為 HTML 型態,讓你可以直接貼到所見即所得編輯器裡頭。可是我一直無法理解,這兩個功能為什麼會同時成立?所以我將它拆開成兩個獨立的選項。



The "About" dialog doesn't look good, so I borrowed the codes from Adblock Plus and modifed the dialog to this way. I'm sorry for the missing information of French and Japanese translators, but I can't find your names.

它的「關於」對話窗實在太醜了,所以我參考 Adblock Plus 的程式碼,將它改成現在這樣。由於我找不到法語跟日語翻譯者的資料,所以無法列上去,實在非常抱歉。


And there is one more thing, the original version cannot copy texts rounded by <textarea> or <input> tag, it doesn't make sense. I add support for these two tags in my modified version.

另外還有一個改進,原始版本無法複製 <textarea> 或是 <input> 標籤所包起來的文字,這是沒道理的。所以在我這個修改版裡頭,我加入了對這兩個標籤的支援。

The most important feature in my modified version is the "Copy text as HTML content" option. I've briefly described its functionality in above. Now let's take a closer look at it.

我的修改版最重要的就是多出一個「將複製的文字視為 HTML 內容」選項,這項功能我剛剛已經有概略提到它的用途,底下我再詳細的說一次,讓各位更瞭解。



Take myself for example, I often post articles on my blog, and most of the time I have to insert pictures to my article. My pictures are placed on Flickr, so I can create a new rule and its settings is shown as above.

例如我時常在寫 blog,而我需要三不五時就將 Flickr 的相片插入到文章當中。所以我可以新增一條規則,設定如上所示。



When I need to insert a picture to article, all I have to do is to right-click on the HTML code area and select the rule I just created, and the selected HTML code is copied.

然後當我需要將相片插入到文章時,我只需要在 HTML 程式碼區按下右鍵,點擊我剛剛建立的規則,選取起來的程式碼就會被複製下來了。



Then I go back to the article editor and press "Ctrl + V", as you can see, the picture is there. It's much convenient, right? The rule we just created doesn't work only for Flickr, but also for YouTube and other familier websites. Well~ you've got my point!

然後回到文章編輯器的地方,按下「Ctrl + V」就可以直接貼上,這樣是不是方便多了!當然這一條規則不只適用於 Flickr,它也可以讓你快速將 YouTube 的影片快速嵌入到文章當中。當然也可以用在其他的網站,反正你懂我的意思~

That's all, you can download my modified version. I will submit this patch to the author, and I hope he'll merge the patch to the original version.

就這樣啦,有興趣的人可以從這裡下載。我也會將這個版本提交給作者,希望作者可以將它併入下一版啦,不然每次我都得自己改一次也是很累 :p


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