FireGestures 是 Firefox 的套件,受到許多人的喜愛,它為 Firefox 加入了滑鼠手勢的功能,很多人用了一次之後就再也離不開它了,因為它真的是太方便。

很可惜的是,目前的版本在 Linux 跟 Mac 作業系統底下有個大問題,它會讓文字框的快顯功能表出不來。這是個很嚴重的問題,還好最新的 beta 版已經修正了這個問題,我又可以繼續用 Make Link 套件了。有需要的人 快去下載 吧!

+ Now we can choose the trigger button (left / middle / right) to start a gesture.
+ Now we can enable / disable normal mouse gestures.
+ Now we can perform gestures inside View Source window.
+ Added Backup / Restore features.
+ [Firefox3.5] Added 'Undo Close Window' command.
+ Added Vietnamese (Vietnam) localization.
x Fixed bug: Drop-down menus of Wheel Gestures and Rocker Gestures don't update after adding or deleting a script.
x Fixed bug: Mapping are not saved after doing drag-and-drop operations only in the mapping list.
x [Linux] [Mac] + [Firefox3.5] Fixed bug: cannot show context menu on textarea
x Fixed bug: 'Close Tab / Close Window' command does not close window if 'Always show the tab bar' is enabled.
= Changed order and title of the panes in Options.
= [Firefox3.5] Bumped em:maxVersion to 3.5.*
- [Firefox2] Dropped support for Firefox 2.


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