• Native support for new free Nero Digital AAC encoder

  • New “Advanced Preferences” page

  • More compatible MP4 tagging scheme

  • New CD ripping UI

  • Added “directory context menus” feature to file type associations

  • Support for realtime DSP preset editing through DSP Manager page

  • Fixed various networking issues

  • APL support (no longer maintained) moved to a separately downloadable component (Monkey’s Audio support)

  • Various cosmetic changes

  • Various other bug fixes


  • Faster Ogg Vorbis tag editing.

  • Official ASIO support (downloadable separately).

  • Improved compatibility with buggy soundcard drivers.

  • Added DSP preset switching functionality.

  • Workedaround buttons display problems on Windows 2000.

  • Improved “random” button action with album/directory shuffle.

  • Added WMA playback support.


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