經過了好長一段時間,Daemon Tools 終於推出新版了。


X86 版本

X64 版本

The changelog for v4.03:

  • 修正了一個黑名單列表錯誤。

  • 修正了一個 RAID 問題,解決了導致系統重啟的問題。

  • 修正了和 Nero 的兼容性問題。

  • 另外針對 32 位元版本還做了一些修正,去掉了 "Open file handle" 選單。

The changelog for V4:

  • complete redesign from scratch

  • support of 4 virtual drives

  • ONLY X32-supported now. X64 will follow

  • Drivername randomly generated on each machine (not finished yet)

  • Drive-vendor and versionnumber randomly generated

  • Complete new emulation architecture

  • DCP (DaemonCodeProtect) to make analyses harder and increase development time for malicious anti-DT tools

  • Digital signature verification of applications who are trusted to access DT in secure mode

  • AutoInsertNotification fully implemented (can be turned on/off at ControlPanel)

  • Dropped: MS-Installer, DT now use modificated NullsoftInstaller

  • Dropped: analog sound support (as Windows 2000 and above do not need this feature)

  • supports all popular copyprotections


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