這是一個看 swf 以及 exe 專案的免費軟體。

有在收集 flash 的人一定有過不能快轉的經驗,這真的很痛苦。


  • Flash Movie Player is absolutely free - no nag screens, no ads, no spyware, no time limit.

  • Allows to rewind swf movies, animations and Flash games to any position in playing or paused mode.

  • Opens exe projector files from version 4 to version 7 and works with them same way as with ordinary SWF files (allows rewinding, etc.)

  • Flash Movie Player can extract flash movies from exe projector files and save it in SWF format.

  • Supports Playlists.

  • Has full screen mode with auto-hiding navigation bar.

  • All other Macromedia Flash Player standard features (zoom, quality select, repeat, scale mode select).

  • Hotkeys for all frequent operations.

  • Has Drag-n-drop support.

  • The executable has small size and low system requirements.

  • Multilingual interface. Translate Flash Movie Player into your native language!

  • Allows to explore cached SWF files. (Add from IE cache to playlist).

別忘了要先安裝 Macromedia Flash Player 才能正常使用。


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