簡單的說,是一款可以取代 Partition Magic 的工具,或許功能沒有那麼強大,但應該也夠用了。



這工具我目前還沒機會使用,若有人用過了,麻煩請提供一點心得吧 :)

Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool.

It can create, delete, format, and move partitions and modify their

attributes. It can copy entire hard disks from one to another. Partition

Logic is free software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public

License. It is based on the Visopsys operating system. It boots from a CD

or floppy disk and runs as a standalone system, independent of your regular

operating system. Partition Logic is intended to become a free alternative

to such commercial programs as Partition Magic, Drive Image, and Norton


Partition logic does not currently support the following:

* Partitioning of SCSI hard disks

* Non MS-DOS/MBR-style partition tables (i.e. Sun, BSD, EFI/GPT)

* Formatting non-FAT filesystems.

* Filesystem resizing.

* Serial mice, in graphics mode

* Keyboard layouts other than UK English and US English


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