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yappr 是一個很有趣的網站,它標榜讓你可以看影片學英文(Learn English by watching videos)。這個網站將影片分成許多種類,電視電影、新聞片段、音樂 MV 等等都是它的分類之一,大多數的影片都不算太長。



感興趣嗎?去 yappr 看看吧!


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  • albee423236
  • 可以給我那修ㄝ串聯貼紙ㄇ?
  • letmefly
  • letmefly

    這是我朋友的無名 剛蓋好請多多關照喔,謝啦
    拜託 給點面子逛一下 她很用心經營喔,她叫小寶
    幫幫衝人氣吧 謝謝
  • Circle
  • 很棒的網站...除了他把台灣寫成 China Taiwan 以外...
  • 一人一信寫去要求修改吧~ 從右下角的 "contact us -> General comments" 進入寄信網頁。別忘了把最後的署名改成你的名字。

    Dear yappr,

    I find a mistake in your registration form.

    In the "Country" field, you list "Taiwan" as "China - Taiwan".
    But this is wrong. Taiwan has its own dominion, president, and constitution.
    Obviously Taiwan is an independent country, not part of China.

    So, please correct this mistake and list Taiwan as an independent country.

    yappr's fan,

    Nelson replied in 2008/10/24 10:22

  • 尹润夏
  • 我是最棒的.

  • emma
  • 利用DVD影片學英文也不錯

    有一套【MeReader Plus 語言導航家】(http://www.mebook.com.tw/productInfo.asp?PDC=merp001)的軟體 , 對想要利用DVD影片來看電影學英文的人幫助很大。


    1. 可選擇開啟中文字幕、英文字幕,或者兩者同時關閉或顯現
    2. 可收藏經典對白,然後反覆播放練習
    3. 可調整對白速度快慢,對於不熟悉的腔調可放慢播放並重複聽。
    4. 同時它也提供了電影單字書, 針對這部影片的用字分五個級別, 讓你可以反覆背誦。


  • JO
  • yapper需要年費耶???
  • 做大了就收費,也不意外阿 XD

    Nelson replied in 2009/12/16 17:33

  • ritaliuu
  • YAPPR確實是不錯,
  • 雷達
  • 版主大大,

    剛發現#5 Circle於2008/10/23 23:05對YAPPR將Taiwan放於China底下也有意見,
    不約而同地 我也於最近向YAPPR反應
    雖與#5 Circle前後差了1年半
    因此 請容許將我與YAPPR的往來EMAIL貼在下方
    謹供參考 (有同感者 請自最下面一封往上看)

    結論是: YAPPR不同意更改
    其實 在發現此問題之前我已繳了年費
    在此 謝謝您提供的討論空間.
    2010/4/29 (四) 2:12:30 PM
    To: YAPPR
    RE: China - Taiwan

    Thank you for your efforts.
    Do really disappoint on YAPPR's staff attitude and decision.
    For years what we read from U.S. history in school, we believed Unite State is a democracy and freedom country means respect people's volition and follow the truth but not be threathened.
    The staff's saying is against your country's historic principle.
    What I can say is the belief of some Unite State people changed.
    Anyway, thank you again I understood you have done what you can do.

    Best regards,
    --- 10/4/29 (四) @yappr.com 寫道:
    From: YAPPR

    I discussed this issue with staff. We feel that if we separate China -Taiwan we will have same problem with China upsetting them.
    For now we feel that we will leave as is.

    Please forgive us,
    From: YAPPR
    Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 11:03 PM
    Subject: RE: China – Taiwan

    I see what you mean now.
    I will use this attachment to send to our IT team to include separately.
    Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 11:34 AM
    To: YAPPR
    Subject: RE: China – Taiwan

    Pls see the attachment.
    You would understand what I said.
    Would like to seperate Taiwan from China tree.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    From: YAPPR
    Subject: RE: China – Taiwan

    I will take a look at this. You mean for the CH flag on your profile, or to select country?
    To: YAPPR
    Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 3:03 PM
    Subject: China – Taiwan

    Hi ,

    It's me again.
    Thank you for all your help so now I can surf and enjoy YAPPR.
    However, there has one question while selecting "country" in "my YAPPR":

    Found YAPPR put Taiwan under China-tree this made us uncomfortable.

    This moment, Taiwan is Taiwan, not under control of China.
    Maybe both sides will be unified in the near future, but now, the politic relationship between Taiwan and China keeps uncertain.
    Therefore, YAPPR's decision something like even I myself don't know who is my mother "Taiwan" or "China", suddenly, a stranger jump out in front of me and finger at me "hey, "China" is your mother !" /_\
    FYI, this moment, 60-70% of Taiwanese don't support independent nor unified but rather to keep current situation in peace.
    So YAPPR subsume Taiwan under China-tree subjectivity do really make us uncomfortable.
    As we join into YAPPR just want to learn Eng. and no interesting in politics.
    Conductor of YAPPR might strongly support ONE CHINA, we respect his or her politics standpoints but we don't think it's appropriate to bring politics to this nice learning land - YAPPR - forcing Taiwanese to accept it.
    Except the Conductor is a Chinese from China, then please disregard this email.

    Is it possible to seperate Taiwan from China-tree in country selection list?

    I seems to be a trouble maker. ^_^

    Happy weekend.

    Thank you,
  • rrt
  • 早5,,6年國際大網ebay,paypal...就把taiwan放china下,當時老扁花錢搞正名,種族對幹..我就想有本事就跟這些網站抗議...不過老扁當當時所做的並不是真要讀立..因為他瞭解台灣的能耐..真正目的是為它的貪污做煙霧彈
  • rrt
  • yappr是老美弄的啦..大部份讀者是大陸人...他目的是要賺錢...會理你才怪...這就是國際上的現實面.